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Baby Animals
Baby Animals
Baby Animals
by DK Publishing

These best-selling novelty books feature a baby's favorite animals and objects with different tactile patches to touch and explore.
Age: Birth-12 months | Title: Baby Animals  |  Author: DK Publishing  |  Publisher: DK Publishing (Dorling Kindersley)
These best-selling novelty books feature a baby's favorite animals and objects with different tactile patches to touch and explore.

Baby Animals is a book all about exploration. It incorporates photographs of baby animals, each of which has a patch of fur or skin for the child to touch. The text of the book is very simple but gives descriptive words in a large font to share what the animal feels like.

This is a great book to promote the different senses. Your child will love the experience of feeling the different patches within the book. Baby Animals is also a small board book which will allow them to handle the book on their own.

Even though he is a small baby, my cousin's son Michael is very sensitive to the textures that are around him. He always loves patting his hand on Madeline, his cat. Baby Animals lets him experience the feel of several different types of animals. He loves touching the textures and its so satisfying for me to watch him begin to explore the world around him.


I love that my son loves this book. It's one of his top favorites and I am so proud that he will happily choose a book over a toy, any day! He LOVES his books. So much so that instead of getting him a much needed toy box, our next purchase will be for a book shelf that he can store all his books on. One that's kids sized, of course, where he can reach and pull out any book that he wants. He's not like most kids, who just like to pull the books off the shelf and then go to playing with his toys. He spends 99% of his time crawling around the floor and flipping through his books. He actually studies the pictures and loves to be read to. It makes me extremely proud. Especially coming from a family of non-readers. I love that this book is entertaining.
He loves to feel the different textures, study them, learn about them. He loves to eat them. He loves to feel them. He loves to rub his face, hands, feet, etc, on the different textures. it's cute to see. I love that the colors are bright, the textures diverse and overall it teaches him about baby animals. Not just puppy dogs and kitty cats, but real animals. Bunnies, elephants, gorillas and more. He really enjoys this book.

--Stephanie, Eugene, OR

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