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Good Night
Good Night
Good Night
by Various artists

Babies have the innate capacity to respond to music. They have a distinct framework for experiencing sounds and rhythms. All of these compositions uniquely incorporate the distinctive sound of the music box.
Age: Birth-12 months | Title: Good Night  |  Artist: Various artists  |  Label: Music Art Design International
Babies have the innate capacity to respond to music. They have a distinct framework for experiencing sounds and rhythms. All of these compositions uniquely incorporate the distinctive sound of the music box.
Once a baby is born, he or she quickly discovers a world filled with new sensations and experiences. Unlike adults, who depend mostly on seeing, babies rely on hearing, touching, tasting, and smelling. The music featured on Good Night contains flowing and lyrical melodies that will hold your baby's attention. The soothing sounds of the music box, the soft rhythms and distinct melodies, and the beautiful arrangements, will provide a calming environment for your baby.
Music is a wonderful way to help babies sleep. The newborn has a limited experience with musical complexity, so the emphasis must be on simplicity, gentle rhythms, uncomplicated harmonies, and soft tones.
When my granddaughter Audra was a baby she had trouble going to sleep.  We would rock her and talk to her, but the only thing that really seemed to calm her down was music. She is now five, and still goes to bed listening to music.  Her tastes have changed, but she sometimes she will still ask for what she calls her "soft music".
You can help your baby make its way through the music with the sound and expression of your voice. Rocking your baby gently to the rhythm of the music will help the baby relax and fall asleep. Since babies also enjoy movement, swaying your baby to the music will create a soothing atmosphere. Music can provide new emotional connections for both you and your baby.
Music may even help strengthen premature babies. Researchers from Brigham Young University studied the effects of music on 33 premature infants. Cassette players piped voices of men and women singing lullabies into each baby's crib for 40 minutes a day for four days. When doctors examined the babies on the fourth day, they found that babies who were exposed to music gained more weight, and had lower blood pressure and a stronger heartbeat.
Babies seem to be able to tell a melody from speech, even if they aren't sophisticated enough to know anything about music. For example, Norman Weinberger, a cognitive sciences and psychology professor at the University of California at Irvine, says in one study, babies as young as 4 months old seemed to know when researchers played the "Happy Birthday" song incorrectly.
This music was arranged and produced by Georg Gabler and Felix Pando, and published by Klick Verlag AG, Switzerland.  The executive producer is Tato Gomez, and the concept was developed by Corina Fortmann.
1.Golden Slumbers, American Lullaby 2:50
2.Rock-A-Bye Baby, American Pilgrim Lullaby 2:32
3.Good Evening Good Night, Johannes Brahms 2:28
4.Au clair de la lune (Op. 48), Muzio Clementi 2:49
5.Hush Little Baby, Origins in American History2:35
6.Baiuschka Baju, Russian Lullaby 2:57
7.L'inverno e passato, Northern Italy Folk Song 2:03
8.All the Pretty Little Horses, American Lullaby4:20
9.All Day All Night, American Hymn3:04
10.Lullaby, American Folk Song3:38
11.Oh Shenandoah, American Shanty (1850s)2:33
12.Sleep Baby Sleep, German Lullaby (1800s) 3:18
These songs are very calming and started to put not only my child but me to sleep during the day. We finished listening to them before bed and I have to say that even I slept very nice that night.
--Angie, Granite City, IL
When my kids were babies, they loved to listen to lullabies at night. Music soothed them to sleep! I believe that introducing our little ones to music is very important. This CD is meant to soothe your little one and create a calming environment in which your baby will (hopefully) drift off into dream land. I think that this will make the perfect gift for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law who are having their first baby!
--Shanne, Union, MO

When my boys were little they loved falling asleep to music. I really liked that Little One Books made it easy to see just what each CD had on them. When you click on the CD cover and go to then to ‘About the music and song list’ you’ll get a playlist of all the songs with little excerpts for you to hear. I loved the fact that I knew right away it would be perfect for our new baby.

--Jennifer, Southampton, MA

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