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In the Night Kitchen
In the Night Kitchen
In the Night Kitchen
by Maurice Sendak
Illustration by Maurice Sendak

This award winning book will have your child's imagination working overtime.

Age: 3 Year-olds | Title: In the Night Kitchen  |  Author: Maurice Sendak  |  Publisher: HarperTrophy

This award winning book will have your child's imagination working overtime.

Maurice Sendak's In The Night Kitchen incorporates the imaginative spirit that is found in all of his stories. The book follows a child dreaming about three chefs who are trying to bake him into a cake. That probably sounds like it makes no sense, but all of these plot lines are very sensible within Sendak's inventive world.

Kids love books by Sendak because they are full of wild fantasies that appeal to a child's sense of whimsy. The story is extremely creative and will make your child laugh and wonder what is going to happen next. The story is full of musical language and the drawings are quite unique.

I used to babysit for a little boy named Felix who loved it when we read this book together. Felix was very bright and had a huge imagination. He loved the fact that there was a story that was so crazy and exciting. He particularly enjoyed the section where the boy, Mickey, built an airplane out of dough. If anyone else in the world could have drummed up the ingenuity to make a plane out of dough, it would be Felix.


In The Night Kitchen by Maurice Sendak, can be a bit controversial (because the little boy is naked in parts of the book). In all honesty the nudity didn't really bother me. And it went over Nathan and Nicholas' head...either they didn't really notice or they just didn't say anything. But having little boys in this house, they run around in their underwear all the time anyway, so what's a naked kid in a book to them hahaha.

--Charlene, Carmichaels, PA

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