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My Car
My Car
My Car
by Byron Barton
Illustration by Byron Barton

"My car has wheels. My car has gas. The horn goes beep. Come take a ride."

Age: 1 Year-olds | Title: My Car  |  Author: Byron Barton  |  Publisher: Greenwillow Books

"My car has wheels. My car has gas. The horn goes beep. Come take a ride."

With simple, vibrant illustrations and short, crisp text explaining various parts of cars and road rules, this book is great for toddlers with an interest in automobiles. The story uses a narrator, Sam, to demonstrate the necessities of car ownership, such as washing the car and filling it with gas, as well as the importance of following the law, stopping for pedestrians and reading road signs. The lessons are short enough to hold the attention of a young child while providing basic explanations that kids can understand.

If you find that children are interested in the routine care that Sam gives his car, perhaps you can invite them to come along the next time you're about to change the oil or wash the car. Taking a "field trip" to show a child the different parts on your car turns the book into an interactive experience as well!

I was surprised when Emily, the three-year-old I babysit, wanted to read this story over and over again. She's not the biggest car fan but something about this story grabbed her attention. Part of it may have been the purple wheels, purple being her favorite color. She even found a purple car on one of the pages that she adorably claimed was hers! She also pointed out on the gas station page that the car was "eating." However I was more amused that the car was "eating" for only $10.35.


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