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Sesame Street: Dinosaurs!
Sesame Street: Dinosaurs!
Sesame Street: Dinosaurs!
by Sesame Street

Learn all about those prehistoric creatures known as dinosaurs with your favorite neighborhood characters: Elmo and Abby Cadabby!

Age: 3 Year-olds | Title: Sesame Street: Dinosaurs!  |  Company: Sesame Street

Learn all about those prehistoric creatures known as dinosaurs with your favorite neighborhood characters: Elmo and Abby Cadabby!

For preschoolers who love everything about dinosaurs, this Sesame Street video is sure to be a hit. Elmo joins his friends, Telly and Abby, on an adventure to find all about prehistoric reptiles, from what they ate to what their world looked like millions of years ago. Children will giggle at Mr. Noodle's funny misinterpretations of how to pretend to be a dinosaur, including acting like a ballerina and an ape, as well as the TV and computer's attempts to turn themselves into dinosaurs too. Appearances by other Sesame Street favorites, such as Ernie and Snuffleupagus, will also delight little ones.

By the time your child is finished with this video, they will likely be able to tell the difference between a t-rex, triceratops, and brontosaurus. They'll also learn what a paleontologist does, even if they may stumble over the word as Abby adorably does in the film. When Elmo, Telly and Abby are visited by the Dinosaur Fairy and turned into the ancient reptiles (stegosaurus, t-rex and triceratops, respectively), the trio discusses who is big, bigger and biggest, thus giving kids a quick comparison lesson.

With so much pretending onscreen, it's only natural for children at home to want to play along. Emily, the three-year-old I nanny for, eagerly demonstrated her dinosaur roar for me and said that she wishes she could be a purple dinosaur for the day. She also mentioned though that she'd be sad if she couldn't have her blankie at naptime, since dinosaurs didn't sleep with blankets.


Paige is a HUGE Sesame Street fan, as a lot of kids are - parents too! I was so happy to see such a huge assortment of Sesame Street items at Little One Books. Paige loves these little monsters and she learns so much from them. Sesame Street Dinosaurs is a great little film. Elmo and Abby Cadabby (Paige's two favorite characters) teach about pre-historic dinosaurs! It includes other Sesame Street favorites including Telly and Mr. Noodle. It has quickly become one of Paige's favorites.

I absolutely love how personal the reviews are. It feels as if a close friend was recommending this product. It's definitely not a generic plug about the video and it's greatly appreciated. I trust that the items I find at Little One Books are going to be of amazing quality!

--Cari, West Salem, WI

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