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Customer Testimonials

"Barney Cohen and Joan McCoy, have successfully created a resource of very young children's media that parents, grandparents and others will find trustworthy and not intimidating at all."

  --Irene Bellamy, Happy Healthy Families

"As I was searching through all their titles I couldn't help but notice how many of my favorite children books they had listed. All of their products are carefully chosen by a team, so rather than just selling every children's book under the sun they sell only the best."

"Shopping at Little One Books was a great experience and I will definitely shop with them again. I have always been a fan of the independently owned book shops and I love how the internet brings them even closer to me! If you have children under 5 or are looking for a special book to give to somebody who is expecting be sure to shop Little One Books!"

  --Melissa Tuttle, Mels Box of Chocolates

"Their site is easy to navigate, allowing even those who may be a bit timid around computers to find products with ease. This is especially nice for grandparents who simply want to find some products for when their grandchildren come to visit."

"For parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and care takers, Little One Books provides you with a safe place to shop. A safe place whose products have been through the grandparent test and whose 'test results' are transparent in their product descriptions. To be honest, I find this business approach rather refreshing."

  --Amy Barseghian, From One Mommy To Another

"As a mom, I love to get my son good quality books! Luckily I went to school to become an Elementary Teacher and took a few Children's Literature classes. I learned the in's and out's of children's literature books. But for those who do not know how to find great kids books... Little One Books is your answer."

  --Anne McGowan, Deal Wise Mommy

"So many times I've wandered around a book store for hours trying to find something appropriate for Sully's age. Too often, books marketed for his age were too long or too involved for him to enjoy. He would grow restless and become frustrated while I would read to him. This is where Little One Books comes into play! I love that the products can 'grow' with your child. This site makes it easy to make informed choices about the materials you purchase for your little one."

  --Sally Duren, Exploits of a Military Mama

"And the little snippets below the description of the book, "Why We Chose This Book," provided me with so much information that I felt prepared to enjoy the book with Lizzie and engage in the fun of learning at the same time."

  --Annie Shultz, Mama Dweeb

"Little One Books is a treasure trove for moms of fantastic books, music and videos that are age appropriate and provide great substance."

  -- Ellen Peppercorn, Thrifty & Chic Mom

"What sets Little One Books apart from many other online retailers is that each product is personally reviewed and hand selected to benefit children of all ages. After perusing the website for some time, it's clear to see that selection of items offered by Little One Books are truly quality products that I personally would recommend to parents!"

"I'm thrilled to see that someone took the large amount of time required to review every item in detail and provide that information to inform and educate parents on the specific products chosen. Coming from a set of grandparents, I trust that each item is quality and I love that I don't have to spend the time doing research when choosing books, dvd's and music for my girls, because it's already been done for me!"

  -- Candace Trino, Deal-ectible Mommies

"When it comes to books for children, Little One Books is a great little shop to find all the best stories for your children. They have it all from old favorites to new best sellers."

  -- Laura DeLuca, New Age Mama

"I think it is great when families can come together even if it is only for a half hour a day. Too many families are separated doing different things and never think of the impact it has on the mental health of their family. Reading books, listening to music and watching cartoons/movies are great ways to spend time with your children. Little One Books offer all of these!"

"I think with the selection, Little One Books is great for finding new music, shows, and books to maintain family time with your children. You will be able to find so many new items that you might not have come across otherwise."

  --Kim Hlavka, Chubby Cheeks Thinks

"The part that meant the most to me was the 'Why We Chose' section on each product page. It's more than just a generic product description. You can tell they've actually watched the video, read the book, etc."

  --Amy Looby, Faithful Finances

"You'll likely see classics you read as a kid, stories you recognize, but you'll also find books, music and movies that you may have missed when visiting a large retailer with the large number of items available for kids!"

--Beth Alferink, Two Monkeys & a Washtub

"I think Little One Books would be a great place to visit for your children and your teacher's Christmas list this holiday season! These books and videos are a fantastic addition to your classroom, as well as home library!"

  --Crystal Rapinchuk, Surviving on a Teacher's Salary

"I just had the best time getting lost in all the books on your site! I love your recommendations and why you chose each book!"

  --Robyn Lucas, What Mama Wants

"Little One Books is an amazing company that provides a unique shopping experience for parents, family and friends looking for that perfect gift for their little one."

  --Dana Zeliff, The Coupon Challenge

"The selection of materials is really great - instead of throwing a ton of things at you like many shops, everything feels specially chosen."

  --Rebecca Leeney, Frog and Toad are Still Friends

"I really like the tone in which these reviews are written. It's as if you have your own personal librarian that loves books and loves children. With this, you know that any item you choose will be both enjoyable and a great source of enrichment."

"As for the products, it was like walking down memory lane. All of my daughter's favorite books were listed!"

  --TerriAnn, Cookies and Clogs

"I have found Little One Books to be one of my top picks for children' s books and music. They have their products categorized by both age group and type making it a wonderfully easy place to shop. I am glad to have found a shop that has wholesome values and creative products. I am sure they will find us to be very loyal customers for many years to come."

  --Teri Hary, Mom to bed by 8

"Little One Books is a lovely shopping site that is dedicated towards providing quality products for your children. You are able to shop at leisure since the entire website is geared to ease of navigation. Need a gift for a four year old? Select the option to search by age for four year olds. It is that easy! Every page is thoughtfully laid out, with tabs for their Customer Service, blog, articles, and a handy contact page which allows you to email them right from the website (and also includes their brick and mortar contact info). Little One Books sells music, videos and books. They would be an absolutely fabulous place to get some of your Christmas shopping done!"

  --Stephanie Piantedosi, Mirthful Motherhood

"Of all the giveaways I entered, this one (Little One Books) meant the most. Books...as necessary to our minds, as food is to our bodies."

  --Piroska Blanchette

"Wow, what a breath of fresh air! You know when you need buy a gift for a child and you aren't sure what to get? You know that you want to buy something that they will like but also will have some educational or intellectual value, but aren't sure where to find that perfect gift? Little One Books is an online book, CD and DVD retailer which carefully chooses what products they sell."

  --Rachel Anderson, Frugal on the Cheap

"I loved how you can easily shop by age on Little One Books, because it makes everything so very simple! The bright pictures of every product and in depth description was also wonderful too!"

  --Marcie Wahrer, Simply MARvelous

"Being a mother of three young children who believes that there is nothing like reading to your children I was so happy to have come across Little One Books. We have an extensive book collection in our home and I love that it's growing and growing but what I find hard is that I don't always know what books are good. There are thousands of books in bookstores, and even at the library how do you know what age appropriate and a great book for your child? I tend to ask other parents but now you and I can do it on our own with confidence with Little One Books. I can guarantee this because while browsing the site to add books to our collection here at home there were so many of my top favorite books for children that they had available. The site is great in that you can browse for books geared towards the age of who the book is for - being sure that you're finding a book that is age appropriate and educational. A few of my children's favorites are on the site like for my one year old."

  --Andrea Summers, Momma in Flip Flops

"Little One Books is a guide. A guide for parents that helps steer them through the endless book aisles to the classics, the educational, the soft comforting melodies. Little One Books categorizes their selections by ages - so nice! But what is even nicer is that the titles can be enjoyed way beyond childhood!"

  --Maryann Piek, Mama Must Have It

"What I like about the web site is that every product has been reviewed. So it's not some site with random products that are there without any rhyme or reason. These people understand that music, books and video are important for young people and every item in the store has been tried out."

"It is important that music, books, and video be introduced into the lives of children. Now that I am a parent I make sure that I expose my little one to these things as much as I can. As a teacher I have worked with children who come from homes where these things are not recognized to be as important as they are. In my experience, children really benefit from having rich experiences with music and literature from an early age."

  --Nirra Poret, Diary of Mystery Shopping Teacher

"I recommend Little One Books for all parents looking for good books for their children. They have a great selection, they explain all the books really well, and there is definitely a book that every parent and child will like!"

  --Marissa Oachs, The Review Stew

"Little One Books is easy to navigate, well thought out, and simple to maneuver around in. The products are well researched and the descriptions are helpful and accurate. The products are categorized by age, making it simple to focus on the products for a particular child… I am thrilled to say that this site has become my newest tool in expanding, not only my knowledge of what I can offer them, but my children's learning spectrum."

  --Lori Pace, A Day in Motherhood

"My favorite feature of their site is that it categorizes the products by age group. It made it very easy for us to decide on the right DVD. I' m sure that it' s frustrating to parents when they spend money on something that doesn' t hold their child' s attention. Little One Books has fixed that. They don' t just stock whatever is available. They take the time to pick and choose what will and won' t be sold by them. It has to meet their high standards."

  --Jessi Shurtleff, Jessie's Bubble

"Now that I have a 5 month old little boy, I am very interested in finding educational books, music, and other supplies to help his learning develop appropriately and aid in getting him prepared for life in this world. Little One Books is a wonderful online store that offers a wide array of children's books, music, and dvd's for kids ages Birth - 5 Years!"

  --Gina Loschiavo, The Crave to Save
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